Website Known Issues and FAQ
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If you have a problem with our new website not covered here, or to report something you think should be added to this page, please report it using our contact form. We will fix it or document it here as soon as feasible.

Known Issues with the Website

Known issues in regard to registration errors
  1. For non-United States/Canada/Australia members, you must put something in the Location field, even if it is just an "x". The system will not process your registration if that field is left blank. For other members, this field will be changed to a state or province drop-down menu.

  2. All those registering must have the country listed in the Professional Information address area, even if they do not currently have a job. Just mark it with the same country as in your Personal Information. If this is not done it affects some peoples' billing for membership. A more permanent fix for the bug is in the works with the website software vendor. All current members have had their initial address information put under Professional Information. To avoid billing issues on renewal, please leave at least your current country in that area.


Website FAQ

Do I need to sign in? How do I do it?

If you are current member of the Society, you have been pre-registered for the website and were recently sent an email containing your new registration information and instructions on how to sign in. Please follow those instructions. The process is also repeated below, but you need your new registration information from in the email either way.

To sign in you must first be on some page of the website. Look at the very top of the page for the black bar. Click on the words "Sign In" found in the bar:

This will bring up the Member Login page with empty Username and Password fields. Enter the initial username and temporary password provided in the Society's email. The password and username are case-sensitive. Do not put any extra spaces at the end of either username or password. You must use the username and password from the recent email -- you cannot use your old Society member sign in information from the old website.

Once you've entered the username and password click the  Sign In  button on the Member Login page, and you should be signed in.

You should now change your temporary password, and it would also be a good time to consider whether to change your username or update any of the other information in your profile (see below for details on how to do that).

If you need your new registration information to be sent again, please let us know. If you are using EarthLink's email blocking (or a similar spam blocker), you must list as an approved email address to ensure you receive the mail. 

Do I need to register? How do I do it?

If you are current member of the Society you do not need to register; you have been pre-registered and were recently sent an email containing your new registration information and instructions on how to sign in.

If you are not a current paid member and would like to become one, you should register first by clicking on the word "Register" in the black bar:


Once registered you can see all the rest of the member-only portion of the website. You only have to do this once, as long as you keep your membership paid and up-to-date.

I need to renew my registration. How do I do that?

If you are currently a member of the society and need to re-register for the next year, first sign in normally. This places you on your member information page. You should see an area on the right called My Profile. Click on Membership Info. (If your membership needs renewal at this time you should see (Renew!) next to it, as shown here.)

That will bring up your Membership Information page. This page shows when your current membership expires, and beneath that provides a link Securely renew your membership now >>

Clicking on that link takes you to the Membership Dues page that contains the registration form you should to fill out to re-register. 

I tried to register, and I'm being charged the wrong amount! Why?

There is a known issue with the website registration logic that can cause a US registrant to be charged the dues for an international registration -- for most membership levels, this is an extra $25. We are working with the website vendor to fix the problem. If you see an unexpectedly-high registration charge, refer to Known Issue 2 above and follow the instructions to work around the problem. If that does not fix the problem, please contact us.

How do I change my username, password, or other information?

To change your password, first make sure you are signed in. When you are, on the website you will see an area to the right called My Profile. In that select Manage Profile, then in the Manage Profile
page that comes up select Edit Bio under Information & Settings.

In the Edit My Member Profile page this brings up, in the   Account Information   section, you have an option to change your password -- click "change". You can also change your username there.

While you are on the page, fill out as much information as you can. When you finish this and click save, you will be taken to your profile page, where you can add your photo and photographs of your work or collection. Eventually this part of the site will become more like a full-blown Social Media page, but that will evolve a little bit later.

I tried to save my changes but was told there was an error or omission. What should I do?

Often people forget to fill out a required field, put the wrong kind of information in, or enter it in the wrong format. If you do this you'll get an error message when you try to save. The message tells you what you need to fix. Fix it and save again.

The form has a simple math formula at the end. What's that about?

This simple formula, such as 2+3=?, is found at the bottom of many forms. It is a form of a "capcha", a device used to distinguish humans from computer programs, and is there to prevent hacker and spammer programs from misusing the forms. If a capcha is present on the form you must type the correct answer into the answer box in order to save the form information. If you don't do this you'll get an error message. If you see that error message, solve the capcha and save again.

Why don't my Daguerreian Society website bookmarks work any more?

While a bookmark to the home page of the old website will still find the home page of the new website, many other pages have changed names or disappeared entirely. Old bookmarks to these other pages on the old website are going to be broken and will not be fixed. In this case you should create new bookmarks referring to the pages of the new site.

Can I read pages of the new site in my language?

Yes! We have integrated Google translation services into the site, which supports automated translation of web page contents into any of a large number of languages.

How do I see and get member pricing for events, etc.?

You must be signed in as a member first in order to see all member discounts for events and other items.

If you have signed up for high levels of membership as a collector or as a photo or book dealer, you should contact Diane Filippi, the Society's Business Manager directly rather than trying to register using your special earned discounts. If you have done this already, we can adjust those invoices for you.