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Friday, October 21, 2016

  Start DateEnd DateStart TimeEnd Time 
10/21/201610/21/20168:00 AM8:30 AM
Introduction to the Conference
10/21/201610/21/20168:30 AM8:45 AM
Keynote Address on 19th-century Photography (Grand Ballroom)
10/21/201610/21/20168:45 AM9:15 AM
Battle of the Century—19th, That Is. The Part That Each of the Early Pioneers Really Played in the Development of Photography (Grand Ballroom)
10/21/201610/21/20169:15 AM11:00 AM
A Lifetime in Collecting Daguerreotypes (Crystal Ballroom)
10/21/201610/21/201611:00 AM12:00 PM
The Ruskin Daguerreotypes in Venice (Grand Ballroom)
10/21/201610/21/201611:00 AM12:00 PM
A Daguerreian Journey: A personal perspective on the daguerreotype in art-historical thinking and assembly of key museum collection (Grand Ballroom)
10/21/201610/21/20161:15 PM2:00 PM
On the 30th Anniversary of the Shimshak Collection Show (Crystal Ballroom)
10/21/201610/21/20161:15 PM2:00 PM
Bertha Wehnert-Beckmann: An Early German Lady Photographer in New York (Crystal Ballroom)
10/21/201610/21/20162:05 PM2:35 PM
Collector Thomas Walther interviewed by Denise Bethel: "Why This Former Modernist Collector Has Turned to 19th-century Photography (Grand Ballroom)
10/21/201610/21/20162:05 PM2:35 PM
Member's Favorite Story about A Photograph (Grand Ballroom)
10/21/201610/21/20162:50 PM3:25 PM
The Circle of Talbot (Crystal Ballroom)
10/21/201610/21/20162:50 PM3:25 PM
American Calotypes and Photogenic Drawings (Crystal Ballroom)
10/21/201610/21/20163:25 PM4:00 PM
FAKE! Avoiding Fakes, Counterfeits, Doctored and Misrepresented Pieces, Copies and Misidentifications in 19th-Century Photographs (Grand Ballroom)
10/21/201610/21/20163:25 PM4:00 PM
Buying 19th-century Photography at Auction (Grand Ballroom)
10/21/201610/21/20164:15 PM5:00 PM
The Mission Heliographique and How It Influenced 19th-Century Documentary Photography (Crystal Ballroom)
10/21/201610/21/20164:15 PM5:00 PM
Nineteenth-Century Photographs of Eastern American Landscapes (Grand Ballroom)
10/21/201610/21/20165:05 PM5:50 PM
Daguerreian Society Business Meeting (Grand Ballroom)
10/21/201610/21/20165:50 PM7:00 PM