The Daguerreian Society

The Daguerreian Annual 2011

231 pages

Table of Contents

The Floyd & Marion Rinhart Collection at the Ohio State University

  • A Portfolio of "Details"

  • Floyd & Marion Rinhart: Pioneer Historians
    of Photography

    — Mary Sayer Hammond

  • A Portfolio of Costume
    — Joan Severa

  • Herr Driesbach, Lord of the Brute Creation
    — Stuart Thayer

  • A Selection of Daguerreotypes
The Mysterious "Madame Whernert" Exposed
— Clifford & Michele Krainik

Backgrounds in Daguerreotypes: Part II
— Remembering Joan Murray, by Dennis Waters

A White Slave Girl "Mulatto Raised by Charles Sumner"
— Joan Gage

Henry Clay Yields Senate Floor to Benton
— Clifford & Michele Krainik

Visionary Company: A Collector's Look at Eight Modern Daguerreotypists
— Craig Schneider

John William Draper's Experiments in Light, Photography, and Photolithography
— Gregory A. Wickliff, Ph.D.

Portfolio of Membersí Favorite Daguerreotypes

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