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The Daguerreian Annual 1994

Feature Portfolios:

A Glimpse into the Massachusetts Historical Society Daguerreotype Collection,
Chris Steele

African-American Daguerreotypes,
Matthew R. Isenburg

Table of Contents

The Editors' Fuming Box, Laurie A. Baty, Matthew R. Isenburg, John Wood

A Mammoth Plate Daguerreotype in Hawaii: The Result of a Diplomatic Indiscretion, Bruce T. Erickson

Correspondence Re: Captain Elliott, John McWilliams

If Only Alchemy Were This Easy: A Practical Method of Recovering Gold from Used Gold Toning Solution, Emily J. Bailey & Clyde H. Barlow

Notes on an Early Daguerreotype of Walt Whitman, Denise B. Bethel

Monumental Portraits of Baltimore, Ross J. Kelbaugh

First Photographers Who Worked in Guatemala by Enrique del Cid F., David Haynes and Birgitta B. Riera, translators

Correspondence: A Tinsmith Daguerreotype, Harvey Zucker

John Plumbe: America's First Nationally Known Photographer by Robert Taft, Cliff Krainik

Commentary on Taft, Cliff Krainik

The Jackson Family in a Daguerreotype and in a Poem, Chris Steele

My First Daguerreotype, Shade

Napoleo'n Aubanel's Stereo View of Montevideo, Miguel Angel Cuarterolo

Some Patents of Note: Early Coloring Patents, Doug Jordan

Portfolio: A Glimpse into the Massachusetts Historical Society Daguerreotype Collection, Chris Steele

Mercury & the Daguerreotypist: A Modern Assessment, Kenneth E. Nelson

Mini-biography: Samuel Wheeler, John F. Graf

Two Early Ohio Daguerreians, Donald A. Hutslar

A Visit to Mr. Beard's, Michael G. Jacob

Art and History, Drew Heath Johnson

Portfolio: African-American Daguerreotypes, Matthew R. Isenburg

Vance's Views in St. Louis: An Update, Dolores Kilgo

The Sincerest Form of Flattery Again, Kenneth E. Nelson

Imitation Daguerreotypes, A. J. Jarman

Search & Research: Solving a Daguerreian Mystery, Ross J. Kelbaugh

Snelling: The Father of Photographic Journalism, A. J. Olmstead

A Case for Critchlow, Bethany and Will Ouimet

Mini-biography: Sarah L. (Judd) Eldridge, Alan Woolworth

Lines Written on Seeing a Daguerreotype Portrait of a Lady, Elizabeth Sheridan Carey

Striving for Improvement: Additions and Revisions to the 1990, 1991, & 1992 Annuals, Laurie A. Baty

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