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Collection of
George S. Whiteley, IV

The Daguerreian Annual 1992

Feature Portfolios:

Twelve Mexican War Portraits,
John F. Graf

A 360 Degree Panorama of the
City by the Golden Gate,

James Caddick and Susan Schwarzenberg

Table of Contents

The Editor's Fuming Box, Peter E. Palmquist

Oliver B. Evans: Daguerreian Artist of the Niagara Frontier, Thomas Kailbourn and Graham Garrett

A Daguerreian Report from Down Under, Sandy Barrie

The "Daguerreotype" [in December 1839], Lewis Gaylord Clark

The Rinhart Collection of Photographs, Clyde H. Dilley

Vignette: "The human face divine...," Anthony Trollope

PORTFOLIO--Twelve Mexican War Daguerreian Portraits, John F. Graf

On the Use of Silvered Glass in the Daguerreotype Process, Henry Draper, M.D.

The American Daguerre Association: Constitution and Bye-Laws as of October 15, 1851

The Diary of Tallmadge Elwell, Pioneer Daguerreotypist, 1852, James Taylor Dunn

The Beard Photographic Franchise in England: An Overview, Robert B. Fisher, M.D.

You May See a Stranger... Anonymous

Don't Forget to Check Labels for Dating Clues! Matthew Isenburg

A 360 degree Daguerreotype Panorama of the City by the Golden Gate, James Caddick and Susan Schwartzenberg

"Still Taking Pictures": An Interview with Mathew Brady in April 1891, George Alfred Townsend

Baron Frederick V. Voigtlander: A Biographical Sketch,

In Search of the "Elephant," Matthew Isenburg

The Vexations of E.M. Wilson, Itinerant Daguerreotypist, Jim Foster

St. Anthony Falls on Silver: A Daguerreotype Collection, Bonnie Wilson

Raffle Wars: A Chronology of Alphonse J. Liebert in California and France, Peter E. Palmquist

The Daguerreotype in Italy, Mike Jacob

Miraculous Museum Find Leads to Remarkable Daguerreian Discoveries, William and Estelle Marder

Daguerreian Images: Poetic Representation, Patrick Cahill

An Optical Treasure-Trove in Stereo, Alan Johanson

Daguerreotypy Meets dBase III in Boston, Melissa K. Rombout

Daguerreotypes [an account from 1846]

Vignette: It Pays to Advertise,

Vignette: Snow Geese,

A Monument to Daguerre, Cliff and Michele Krainik

APPENDIX--Mini Daguerreian Biographies and Chronologies

Thomas Bass
Edmond Daggett
Abram Parmele Hart
Lucius E. Horton
Oliver H.P. Norcross
B.W. Read
J. Ruth William
H. Shattuck

Vignette: "A Little Keepsake"

Index of Daguerreian Names

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