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Reminiscences (in chronological order)

"Timing in the Camera" A brief but remarkable commentary from Sunlight Sketches of 1858.

"My First Daguerreotype." A reminiscence of some initial efforts from The American Journal of Photography of 1859.

"The Daguerrean Process" by P. H. Van der Weyde. From The Manufacturer and Builder of February 1869.

"An Exquisite Picture" by M. P. Simons from Anthony's Photographic Bulletin of June 1871.

"An Address" (1) by Albert S. Southworth to the National Photographic Association; June, 1870. From The Philadelphia Photographer of October 1871.

"Our Picture" featuring a short biographical letter by S.F.B. Morse. From The Philadelphia Photographer of 1872.

"Daguerreotyping..." An extract from an autobiographical account by John W. Bear. From The Life and Travels of John W. Bear, "The Buckeye Blacksmith" of 1873.

"Days Gone By" by J. W. Black. From The St. Louis Practical Photographer of 1877.

"Some Old-Fashion Things Worth Reviving" A glowing memory of "...the first children of Daguerre's invention..." from Scribner's Monthly of 1881.

"A Reminiscence" by J. F. Ryder. From The American Annual of Photography and Photographic Times Almanac for 1887.

"The Daguerrotype Boat" A humorous account by George H. Devol from Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi (1887).

"Some practical experiences of a Veteran Daguerreotypist" A brief account by Alexander Hesler from the Photographic Times of 1889.

"The Daguerreotype Process" A reminiscence by J. B. Gardner, including some text by Morse. From Anthony's Photographic Bulletin of April 1889.

"Daguerreotypy" A reminiscence of the "days of daguerreotypy." From The Photographic Times of June 1889.

"Fifteen Years' Experience of a Daguerreotyper." A reminiscence by Alexander Beckers from The St. Louis and Canadian Photographer of 1889.

"The Evolution of Photography" (selected text) The reminiscence of the englishman John Werge in 1890.

"Still Taking Pictures" An late-in-life interview with Mathew Brady. From The World of 1891.

"The Daguerreotype" by Abraham Bogardus, a prominent New York daguerreotypist. From the St. Louis and Canadian Photographer of December 1893.

"Leaves From the Diary of a Photographer" by Abraham Bogardus. From the St. Louis and Canadian Photographer of January 1895.

"Our First Photographers" by W. Chapman. From the St. Louis and Canadian Photographer of March 1896.

"A Famous Photographer and his Sitters." An illustrated article regarding Josiah J. Hawes from Demorest's Family Magazine of 1898.

"An Historical Letter" An account of an early sitting for a daguerreotype by L. E. Chittenden. From Camera Notes of 1898.

"The Lost Art of the Daguerreotype" An often-referenced short history by the daguerreotypist, Abraham Bogardus. From The Century Magazine of May 1904.

"Alexander Coffman Ross" An account of early experimentation. From the article, "Song Writers of Ohio: Alexander Coffamn Ross" from the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Publications of 1905.

"Stray Leaves from the Diary of the Oldest Professional Photographer" A short autobiography of Josaih Hawes. From Photo-Era of February 1906.

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