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October 1, 1997

Hello fellow daguerreotypists,

Some say it is the cruelest month--but not so for daguerreotypists. The cool, crisp, low humidity days of October are the best all year. Don't pass it up!
   Anything negative that might have been construed by anything I might have intimated about the fine folks at Utterly Beloved Productions should be regarded as totally preposterous. The fact that they paid me for the dag I did for them has nothing to do with my certainty that their movie will be fantastic and that you should be sure to see it. The only reason I bring this up is to share with you an inner warmth I have from them--that blessing one receives from saving a poor, down-and-out sot from the evils of his ways; to sober him up and convince him to quit ambrotyping and take to the path paved with pure silver: The Director of "Beloved" called me to say he had cleared up a lot of confusion. He had done some research on old photography and daguerreotypes over the past several months, and summed his findings for me by exclaiming: "You know, you are dead right. They are shiney!" So caught up in the euphoria of it all, he asked me to do another dag for him. And I did.
   There is a new source for ground and polished copper. Contact: George Sherman of CG Metals, P0 Box 672, Nyack, NY 10980 (914) 358-8364 They do not cut to size but will have it done for you for a small fee. The prices seem less than Daniel Smith. Check'em out.
   In the Grass is Greener Department, Jerry Spagnoli is leaving the City by the Bay for the City that Never Sleeps. His M.O. will be the same, but hopes to tap into some of that "old money" the upper crust tosses to and fro. Good luck Jerry!
   I saw a beautiful 2.25 square daguerreotype portrait of Grant in profile taken by Irving a week or so ago. What really completes the piece as a master one is the package. The plate was mounted without a matte on a 4"x4" black mirror using silicone for adhesive. A hidden matte was used at the perimeter to support the glass above the plate and a black book binder's tape constitutes the seal and the frame. The plate looks as though it is hanging in mid air. Very elegant. Best presentation of a daguerreotype I've seen.
   If you don't have anything to do this week-end, the 2-day daguerreotype workshop is being held at the GEH in Rochester.
   Details next time on delivering your dags-for-sale to D.C.


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