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Things are quiet in the newspapers, so for today's "DagNews" I am
offering the following short paragraph taken from "A Manual of
Business and Guide to Success, or, How to Do Business: A Pocket
Manual of Practical Affairs, and Guide to Success in Life..."
New York: Fowler and Wells, 1857:


Under the chapter heading "Professional and Miscellaneous Pursuits,":


       The business of taking daguerreotypes, photographs,
     ambrotypes, and the thousand-and-one other "types" and
     "graphs," is now a very extensive one, employing many
     thousands of persons in the United States.  It is not con-
     sidered a healthful pursuit, and is, at present, over-crowd-
     ed.  The best artists, in this branch, in our large cities,
     sometimes do a very large business, and accumulate for-
     tunes, but the majority, we fear, barely gain a subsistence.


Desmond McMillan sent me this note regarding the name "DagNews."
>>Hello Gary

>>I might mention that the title "DagNews" could have a different
>>meaning here in Australia :).  Here a dag is a generally slang for a
>>person who has no taste, no style and no idea that they are one.   I
>>think the closest US translation is Nurd.  Hence it is a bit like
>>saying NurdNews. " Dag" comes from the sheep shearing days.   A dag
>>was a  bit that came out of the other end of a sheep that got stuck in
>>the wool.

>>Des McMillan
>>Melbourne Australia

Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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