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Today's post is a brief notice about Francois Gouraud.  Starting next 
week, I will be transcribing the dispute between Gouraud and Samuel 
Morse as contained in the February 1840 to March 1840 issues of the New 
York newspaper, "The Evening Star."  Stay tuned. . .it gets a little 

On this day (February 14) in the year 1840, the following notice 
appeared in the "Boston Daily Evening Transcript":
- - - - - -

   THE DAGUERREOTYPE.  Mr. Gouraud has announced that he will 
positively close his practical illustrations of the process of the 
Daguerreotype, at New York, on Friday, the 21st inst, and we are happy 
to learn that he intends immediately afterwards to set out for this 
city, for the purpose of giving the same lectures and illustrations 
here.   [Advertiser.

Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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