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I'm away tomorrow, so I'm sending this one day early.

On this day (January 22) the following items appeared in their 
respective publications:
- - - - - -

In the 1840 "Boston Daily Evening Transcript":

  THE DAGUERREOTYPE.   We are happy to learn,
on the best authority, that Mr Francis Gouraud, the
representative of Mr Daguerre, after completing his
practical demonstrations of the process of the Da-
guerreotype at New York, will come directly to this
city, for the purpose of exhibiting to our citizens this
wonderful discovery, and of giving to those who
take an interest in the arts, an opportunity of be-
coming acquainted with the process.    [Advertiser.

* * * * *

and the following three advertisements in "The Salem Observer" 
(Massachusetts) for 1848.  (I enjoy the irony of the two Masury 

       D A G U E R R E O T Y P E   A R T .
         B O W D O I N ' S   R O O M S ,
    208 ESSEX STREET....(opposite the Market)
   Mr. B. takes this opportunity to express his grati-
tude to the public for their liberal patronage the past
year, and respectfully solicits a continuance of their
favor.  Notwithstanding the number of rooms that
have been opened, and the GREAT effort which has
been made by Itinerant Artists, to excite the public
with cheap pictures, his business has exceeded that
of any former year.  He does not intend to vary in
his prices, but to regulate his charges so as to receive
a fair renumeration, that will enable him to live by
his profession, and also to make pictures that will be
of permanent value to the purchaser.  He has a new
method of operating, which produces a strong, clear
impression, with a perfect eye, pure white and black
in the drapery, better proportions to the figure, with
all the softness of a fine engraving.  He has been at
much expense in fitting up a fine suite of rooms, with
a superior arrangement of light, and every desirable
convenience for the business, and spares no pains or
expense in procuring all the valuable improvements
and will insure as good a picture as can be obtained
in this country.
   He has one of the largest instruments now used to
take family groups; and cabinet portraits and minia-
tures of all sizes set in Cases, Lockets, &c.  Portraits
copied; also, Miniatures without reversing.
     Pictures warranted to give satisfaction and not
fade--taken without regard to weather.
     Exhibition Room open to visiters through the
day.                                      dec 18

* * * * *

          S .   M A S U R Y .
Has taken Rooms in KINSMAN'S NEW BUILD-
ING, (a few doors below the Post Office, on Essex
street, Salem.) for the purpose of taking
in a NEW and ELEGANT STYLE, and of larger sizes
than are generally taken.
   MINIATURES taken at this gallery, are warranted
to give perfect satisfaction, and not to fade or change
appearance in any way, or for any number of years.
As many persons suppose that Daguerreotype Min-
iatures can be taken only in fair weather, we beg
leave to say, that, by a recent discovery, we are
prepared to take Miniatures in cloudy weather;
and will warrant as good picture taken in cloudy
as in pleasant weather.
   Hours of Operation, from 9 o'clock, A. M., until
4 o'clock, P. M.  Ladies and gentlemen are invited
to call and examine our specimens.
   MINIATURES set in Cases, Lockets and Frames.
Prices from $2 50 to $10 00.
   mch27           opisly

* * * * *

          M R .   M A S U R Y
WOULD inform the citizens of this city and vicin-
ity, that owing to the great amount of stormy
weather for the last four weeks, he has been unable to
fulfill all his engagements, and will remain in Salem a
FEW WEEKS LONGER, to enable all who desire an op-
portunity of obtaining for themselves or friends, a
          M I N I A T U R E .

Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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