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I'll be away for a few days vacation, but wanted to give this brief passage as 
today's DagNews.

Cited from Thomas Fayette Jeffries, "Crippled Fayette, of Rockingham" (Mountain 
Valley [VA] ?: [N.P]., 1957.)  Page 158:
- - - - - - -

(eighth paragraph)

   At Culpeper Court-House I met with an acquaintance, Mr. Stover, who was a 
Daguerrean Artist, and who owned a small, black Mexican dog that was perfectly 
hairless.  Mr. Stover invited me to come to his Gallery, saying he would take my 
likeness and present it to me;  I told him I would do so if he would agree to 
take the little dog's also.  His response was "Come on, I will 'put you 
through.'"  Two servants carried me down to the gallery;  I held the hairless 
dog on my lap, and soon we were upon the metal plate, looking just like my 
reader may suppose.

(With thanks to Howard McManus for today's item.)
Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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