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On this day (March 2) in the year 1849, the following agreement was put 
to paper:
- - - - - - - - -

Articles of agreement made this
Second day of March AD, one thousand
eight hundred and forty nine, between
Albert S. Southworth and Josiah J. Hawes
both of Boston in the county of
Suffolk and State of Massachusetts.
Daguerreotype Artists, which art
or occupation we the said Southworth &
Hawes have followed for several years
as copartners in said Boston, and whereas
the said Southworth is about to proceed
to California in the ship Regulus and
as a member of the Bunker Hill Trading
& Mining Association, It is hereby
agreed by us that we will continue
the aforesaid occupation in said Boston as
copartners to share all profits & loss equally,
or bear our equal share of the expenses, and
that said Hawes will superintend the
business during the absence of said Southworth
in said Boston, and it is further agreed
that said Southworth shall proceed to
California as a member of said Association
and we agree to share equal profits & loss
and bear our equal share of all the
expense of outfit & all other expenses
that may occur during the absence of
said Southworth, and that said Southworth is
to superintend the mining & trading business
during his absence and we each agree to
devote our whole time for the benefit &
the interest of the firm, & keep a just and
correct account of all receipts & expenses
during our copartnership.________________

[second page]

And to be ready at all times when requested
to explain to each other our doings, and it
is further agreed & understood that we
are equal owners of one share in the ship
Regulus although the same may stand
on the records of said Association as being
the property of said Southworth.  If either
party shall willfully and intentionally violate
any part of this agreement the other party
may immediately give public notice
of the dissolution of copartnership, but
otherwise it shall continue as long as
we both shall agree, unless separated by death.
In testimony of our agreement as aforesaid
we hereunto set our hands & seals the
day and year above written.

Signed, Sealed and           { Albert S. Southworth
delivered in presence of us, }
Wm. P. Baker                 { Josiah J. Hawes 
Asa Southworth, Jr.          }

Transcribed from the original document in the collection of Matthew R. 
Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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