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On this day (October 23) in the year 1855, the following text appeared 
in "The Warrnambool Examiner" (Warrnambool, Australia):
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Warrnambool Daguerreotype Rooms, Keplar Street, are Now open by Mr. 
Elsbee (Member of the Heliographic Society).  Of the modern sciences, 
Photography is one of the most interesting whether used as a means of 
leaving to sorrowing friends the living image of dear ones gone to 'far 
distant climes', or of enabling the latter to carry with them the 
picture of the cot where they were born, or of handing down the vivid 
portrait of father to son, which latter can say, 'there is not merely a 
portrait of my father,--it is his very shadow retained there by the 
hand of science'.  Its faithfulness is great--its power of pleasing 
greater ; under these impressions, it is not surprising that the art 
has become so very fashionable, and so deservedly popular.

Portraits beautifully coloured, and taken daily, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  
The art taught, and apparatus supplied.

Ladies are recommended to dress in figured or dark dresses, avoiding 
white or light blue--a scarf or shawl gives a pleasing effect to the 

Miniatures set in Morocco cases, Gold Lockets, Breast Pins, &c.

A note from Alan Elliott, Melbourne, Australia, who submitted today's 
   Warrnambool is situated on the coast about 200 miles west of
Melbourne, Australia. The above advertisement is presented verbatim.
Presumably "there is a portrait of my father" should read "this is ..."
Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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