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On this day (August 29) in the year 1853, the following advertisements 
appeared under the heading "Daguerrian Galleries" on the front page of 
the "Newark Daily Advertiser" (Newark, New Jersey) Vol. 22, No. 201 (29 
August 1853):
- - - - - - - - - -

            MRS. DAY,
       (formerly Miss Prosch.)
WOULD most respectfully inform her customers and
friends, that she has returned to her old rooms,
         259 BROAD STREET,
and will be happy to wait upon all that wish pictures of them-
selves or friends, and will do all she can to please.
  Pictures taken from 75 cents up.
  je9           259 Broad st., Sign of the American Flag

* * * * * * *

           O. C. BENJAMIN'S
           PERRY'S BUILDING.
 Corner of Broad and Market sts., Newark.
THE PATENT CRAYON PROCESS, and all of the improve-
ments made since the first introduction of the Photo-
graphic art, are in practice at these beautifully furnished
rooms, and particular attention is invited to the distinct, live-
ly and lifelike expression of the eye,--to the beauty and per-
fection of the drapery--to the depth, boldness, yet mellowness
of the lights and shadows--to the rich tone so peculiar to the
pictures taken at Benjamin's first class Gallery.  By the
aid of his Improved Sky-Light Reflector likenesses are ta-
ken at all hours of the day, without regard to weather, and
warranted whether single or in groups.
   Also great care taken and satisfaction given at the sit-
ting of children.                         a7-tf

* * * * * * *

PROSCH'S Celebrated Gallery by the CANAL, at 244
Broad st., Newark, is the largest concern of the kind in
this city, and is becoming widely known as the place where the
truest and handsomest Daguerreotypes are made.  My pic-
tures are entirely free from disagreeable shadows, an import-
ant consideration with the ladies, who frequently say my pic-
tures flatter: oh no, not at all.  I only command their most
attractive features to appear on the plate, or in other words, I
give them true likenesses.  Come and try.
  ja8                         G. W. PROSCH.

* * * * * * *

       194 BROAD ST., Morris Building.
MRS. E. CRAWFORD has opened her suite of Rooms at the
above central situation, where her friends and the pub-
lic will find accommodations of a superior style, and can ob-
tain specimens of the Daguerrean art equal to any in the city.
The convenience of her rooms and the apparatus for taking
truthful Likenesses are the most perfect order and cannot
be excelled.  A new room with the most approved Sky Light
arrangement has been erected for her, which being projected
from the second story of the buildings, does away with the ne-
cessity of ascending so many flights of stairs as required at
other places, and which is a serious difficulty to the aged and
  With an honest determination to make every effort to please
the public by furnishing true and faithful Likenesses, she so-
licits a share of patronage and invites a call from the public
to examine specimens of her skill.                   s30

(With thanks to Dale Beeks for today's post.)
Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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