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On this day (July 13) in the year 1850, the following announcements and 
advertisement appeared in the "Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian" (Cardiff, 
- - - - - - - - -

PHOTOGRAPHIC LIKENESSES--Mr. Jacquire [sic] who has been so eminently 
successful at Newport, has, we find, paid this town a visit.  We 
counsel patrons who wish to have faithful unerring likenesses taken to 
lose no time in making their calls at his rooms, as he is, most 
unquestionably, one of the most successful artists of the age; and will 
at no distant day attain a European reputation.

* * * * * * * * *

               TRUE TO NATURE.
       M O N S I E U R   J A C Q U I E R

HAS the honour to announce, that in compliance with
the request of several distinguished families in
Glamorganshire, he has opened, for a short season, his

      P H O T O G R A P H I C   R O O M S ,
   at Miss E. JENKINS', Crockherbtown Cardiff,

Where he respectfully solicits the visits of the Nobility,
Gentry, and Public generally, to an inspection of Portraits
taken upon the Photographic System, the accuracy of
which cannot be questioned in the slightest degree, every
lineament and expression of the features, and actual ap-
pearance of the sitter, being as faithfully and exactly taken
as could be represented in a mirror.
   The tedium of long sittings, under the old system of
portrait painting, is here altogether obviated--a few mi-
nutes only, being sufficient to obtain a portrait as true to
Nature as Nature's self.
   The pleasing gratification of possessing the EXACT por-
traiture of a beloved child, or children, wife, husband,
father, mother, sister, brother, dear relative, or friend, in
faithful and enduring colours, handsomely set in Morocco
frames and glass, at prices coming within the reach of all
classes, may be realized in a few minutes, through the
agency of this unerring system of copying nature in her
very mould and expression.
   MONS. JACQUIER will be happy to exhibit speci-
mens of his art, and testimonials with which he has been
honoured by the Nobility, Clergy, and Gentry of Chelten-
ham, Bath, Bristol, Clifton, Newport, &c., &c., to those
who may be pleased to favour his rooms with a visit.
VINGS, and every description of still life reduced to the
smallest scale in copies of the utmost exactness, on greatly-
reduced terms.
   The Art taught and Apparatus supplied at moderate
   Rooms open from Ten to Five; and each Commission
executed in ten minutes.
   Cardiff, July 4th, 1850.

With thanks to Stephen Rowson of Cardiff, South Wales, for this text.
Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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