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On this day (June 3) the following two items appeared in their 
respective editions of the "Boston Daily Evening Transcript":
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In the 3 June 1851 issue:

  DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS.  Mr Beard, of King Willliam street, has 
recently added another to many improvements he has succeeded in making 
in the Daguerreotype process.  This latest improvement consists of a 
mode of enamelling the silver plate by means of which it is not liable 
to be tarnished, and it may even be washed like an oil painting without 
sustaining any injury.  The advantage does not stop here, however, for 
under this improved process the colors acquire a brilliancy and depth 
of tone hitherto unattainable, and some of the specimens now exhibited 
in Mr Beard's gallery will bear comparison with the best miniatures.
                                             [London Times.

* * * * * * *

In the 3 June 1852 issue:

  THE CRYSTALLOTYPE.  This is the name which Mr. Whipple has given to 
his new and beautiful process of transferring daguerreotypes to glass 
and thence to paper.  We have seen specimens, which have the softness, 
delicacy and general effect of a fine mezzotint.  The advantages of a 
paper impression are obvious; and we recommend those, who would see 
specimens of this remarkable improvement, to call at Mr. W's rooms, 96 
Washington street.

Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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