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Two items and an announcement. . .

On this day (December 7) in the year 1846, the following items appeared 
in their respective publications:
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In "The Daily Union" (Washington, D.C.; Vol. II, No. 191):

FREE EXHIBITION.--Plumbe National Daguerrian
Gallery, and Photographic Depots, established in 1840,
and awarded the gold and silver medals, four first premi-
ums, and two highest honors, at the National, the Massa-
chusetts, the New York, and the Pennsylvania exhibitions,
for the most splendid colored Daguerreotypes, and best ap-
Concert Hall, Pennsylvania avenue, Washington City.
                near Brown's Hotel.
  205 Baltimore street, Baltimore, adjoining Campbell's
jewellery store.
  Sycamore street, Petersburg, Virginia.
  251 Broadway, New York.
  75 Court street, Boston.
  136 Chesnut street, Philadelphia.
  176 Main street, Cincinnati.
  Broadway, Saratoga Springs.
  Portraits taken in any weather, in exquisite style.  Ap-
paratus, instructions, and all materials furnished.
  June 6--tf

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In "The Daily Chronotype" (Boston; Vol. 2, No. 241) pg. 2:

  PHOTOGRAPHS.--Every one must have noticed the great improvements 
which have been made in the taking of portraits by the Daguerreotype 
process since it first came into use; but few, probably have a clear 
perception of the great superiority of some likenesses over others, at 
the present day; at any rate, one would be likely to infer the 
existence of an erroneous impression that a Daguerreotype picture is a 
mere mechanical affair, and not a work of art in the higher sense, from 
the fact that many persons, in procuring a Photograph, seem to be more 
governed in their selection of an artist by the comparative cheapness 
at which it can be obtained, than by any other consideration.
  It is not enough that a tolerable likeness is obtained; there are 
many circumstances of which a skilful operator will avail himself, and 
which by all means deserve attention, as furnishing ample opportunity 
for the display of a just taste in the arrangement and execution.
  We hope soon to see fewer flat, blurred and expressionless 
likenesses, and more of the bold and spirited pictures--valuable alike 
as portraits and works of art, which are now obtained from several 
  The best Daguerreotype portraits that we have seen, have been from 
the hands of Mr. Whipple, of this city; and a group of sixteen, 
recently taken by him, is a splendid production of Photographic art.
--Anglo Saxon.

(A note from Gary E.:  This "article" also appeared on the same date in 
the "Daily Evening Transcript" (Boston) and is perhaps a good example 
of a "puff"--a paid-for advertisement written under the guise of an 
"editorial" item.

* * * * * * * *

I am happy to pass along the news that Helder Costa of Massachusetts 
has assembled a web page featuring a very good number of marvelous 
daguerreotypes in his "gallery" pages. The URL for the site is:

Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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