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Two items for today (December 6,) both from the "Boston Daily Evening 
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In the 1854 issue (page 2):

  WAR DAGUERREOTYPED.  The historian may now break his tablets and throw 
away his pen--he is left entirely in the background, eclipsed and buried by 
the daguerreotypist.  This enterprising body, employed now in the East, 
have already sent home to Paris more than four hundred pictures, 
representing the acts and deeds of the army both on land and sea, under all 
aspects and circumstances, and with most mathematical precision.  So far 
has this been carried, that all the reports to the Minister of War are 
accompanied by daguerreotype pictures of most remarkable beauty and 

And in the 1848 issue:

L I T C H ' S   S K Y - L I G H T   D A G U E R R E-
            O T Y P E  R O O M S.
Arranged expressly for taking FAMILY GROUPS--No.
257 Washington street, 7 doors north of Winter st.
  We have the BEST LIGHT in the city, and our exten-
sive facilities enable us to execute likenesses, and espe-
cially Family Groups, in a style unsurpassed in the
world,.  Mr L. (formerly of the firm of Litch & Whip-
ple), who has been engaged in this art from its com-
mencement in the United States, attends personally to
the operating department.
  Perfect satisfaction given, or no charge.
  Instruction given in the art, and stock and apparatus
furnished.                   ISAAC GALE, Jr, Proprietor
  ALBERT LITCH, agent.         3m                dec6

Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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