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Two items for today, something old and something new...

On this day (November 25) in the year 1843, the following advertisement 
appeared in the "Raleigh Register" (Raleigh, NC) pg. 1:
- - - - - - - - -

C O L O R E D   D A G U E R R E O T Y P E   M I N -
I A T U R E S -- Miniature Likenesses,
by the improved Daguerreotype, of the most beautiful
execution, and possessing all the natural colors, taken
by Mr. Stringfellow, Jun. who has furnished himself
with an improved apparatus for the purpose.  The con-
venience to the sitter, and the rapidity of the work,
are unexcelled.  Of the fidelity of the resemblance,
there is no need to speak;  that comes of course, as it
is unavoidable.  With this invention, posterity will
be at no loss to ascertain what manner of men were
any of their predecessors who were worth remember-
ing.  His terms are very reasonable, and all are advi-
sed to drop in and get their features, be they handsome
or ugly, transferred upon a plate that will decay but
with eternity.  The public generally are invited to
call at his Office over Mr. Benjamin Smith's Store,
and examine specimens of his execution.
                    H. B. STRINGFELLOW.
  N.B.  Likenesses taken as well in cloudy as fair
  November 20th, 1843.                      93--

* * * * * * * * *

And something new:

Clifford Krainik has published an article entitled "National Vision, Local 
Enterprise: John Plumbe, Jr. and the Advent of Photography in Washington, 
  The 24 page article contains 23 illustrations of Plumbe daguerreotypes 
and prints, many published for the first time. The article is published in 
"Washington History. Magazine of the Historical Society of Washington, 
D.C.," (Vol. 9 No. 2, Fall/Winter 1997-98.)  (Daguerreian Society members 
who attended the D.C. '97 Symposium already received a complimentary copy 
of the magazine in their registration packet.)
  Copies of the magazine may be obtained for $5.00 by contacting:

   The Historical Society of Washington D.C.
   1307 New Hampshire Avenue N.W.
   Washington, D.C. 20036-1507

Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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