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On this day (November 17) in the year 1855, the following advertisement
appeared in the "Raleigh Register" (Raleigh, North Carolina) page 1:
- - - - - - - - - -

Come, Ladies fair, and Gentlemen, who want a
     likeness true,
Come to my Portrait Gallery, and I will give it
I'll paint your portraits large as life, and very
     cheap will make 'em.
And when they're done, if you don't like 'em--
     why you needn't take 'em.
I also take daguerrotypes, and take 'em in a hurry,
And if you'll come and sit for one, I'll not you
     patience worry.
My light is soft, yet very strong--my fixtures all
And all I ask you, is, to come along and take a
Come bring your wives and little ones, and bring
     your pretty daughter,
and patronize a Native--now I really think you
     ought to.
My rooms you'll find above the Store of Samuel
     Young, (Esq.)
All carpeted, and neat, and clean and warmed up
     with a fire.
From morning till the close of day, you'll find
     me at my station,
And now, to one and all, I give a cordial invita-
to come and examine specimens of my skill in
portrait and daguerreotype.  Hoping these few
lines will find the public "enjoying the same great
blessing," I subscribe myself, very respectfully,
                                 O. P. COPELAND.
   P. S.  The subscriber continues to give lessons
in drawing and painting, and will visit the sur-
rounding country, when desired to do so, for the
purpose of painting the portraits of families.
   Raleigh, Nov. 12th 1855.              91-t1J.

(Thanks to Stephen Massengill of North Carolina for today's item.)
Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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