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Greetings all!  Last weekend was
The Daguerreian Society Symposium in Atlanta. Excellent
presentations, images galore, great entirely
enjoyable time...I highly recommend our annual Symposium to
anyone who has the slightest interest in the daguerreotype.
Next year is shaping up for the Washington, D.C. area...stay tuned.
   I'll mention a few new items on the Society's website:

--"European Daguerreotypes" A selection daguerreotypes from the
      John Hannavy Picture Collection
--"Heliography in New York" A review of New York galleries by a
      French writer. 
--"Daguerreotypes at the Fair" A review of the daguerreotypes
      exhibited at the American Institute.
--"Photographic Phenomena" A poem from The Museum of Foreign
       Literature, Science, and Art 
--"Editorial - Arts and Artists" A commentary about Root's "Crayon
--"Portraiture" A commentary by Rembrandt Peale

Also a link to Mark Koenigsberg page of daguerreotypes at:

On this day (November 9) in the year 1847, the following
advertisement appeared in "The Daily Chronotype" (Vol. 4, No. 529):
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                 TWO SILVER MEDALS,
                SOUTHWORTH & HAWES,
               No. 5 1/2 Tremont Row,
For the best Daguerreotypes and for the best Daguerreo-
                    type Plates.
A CARD,--Our friends and patrons will be gratified
with the announcement of the Committee of the
Fair, that we EXCEL in our art, and that TWO PRE-
MIUMS for the BEST work are awarded us.  It is uni-
versally admitted, that there has never been such compe-
tition by Daguerreotypists.
  The public, with unanimous voice, pronounced out pic-
tures the best they ever saw.  Professor B. Silliman, Jr.,
complimented us on the perfection and size of our Por-
traits and copies, and particularly the perfection of our
Instruments, as beyond what he had supposed attained by
any, and the President of the Association said repeatedly
respecting our twelve feet Panorama of Boston and vicin-
ity, that it was, to him, the most interesting of any thing
in the Exhibition.
  Such testimonials from such sources, and also others as
worthy, too numerous to particularize, from Artists, Am-
ateurs, and the Scientific, are in the highest degree flat-
tering, and shall stimulate us to still greater efforts.  We
thank the public for their attention and our friends and
patrons for their encouragement.  To the Editors who
gave us extended notices we feel under obligations, for
they were unsolicited.
  We again invite all lovers of the Fine Arts, and all in-
terested to call at our Exhibition Room, and examine
some of the best, specimens, and the greatest variety to
which Daguerreotype has ever been applied,
                    SOUTHWORTH & HAWES,
                      Artists' and Daguerreotype Rooms,
  n9  eop6t                            5 1/2 Tremont Row.

Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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