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On this day (November 6) in the year 1847, the following advertisements
appeared in "The American" (Poughkeepsie, New York; Vol. 2, No. 101):

               W E B S T E R ' S
                 245 Main-st.
  American Buildings.--Great Reduction in prices.

Pictures taken and put up in handsome Morocco Cases
                For ONE DOLLAR!
Persons wishing to procure a perfect Miniature of them-
selves, would do well to call immediately, as it is not
likely they will ever again have an opportunity of get-
ting so perfect a likeness at the same price.  No pains
will be spared that entire satisfaction may be given.
   CHILDREN'S LIKENESSES taken, in from 5 to 10
seconds; which is about half the time occupied by
common operators.
   Miniatures taken and set in Lockets, Breastpins,
Rings, &c.--I have the best assortment of Gold and
Plated Lockets ever offered in Po'keepsie, and I can
furnish them, with pictures, for about the same price a
Locket would cost elsewhere.
   Pictures taken in Cloudy as well as in Clear weather.
   N.B.  My Pictures are warranted not to fade, being
finished after the same manner as Plumbes celebrated

(The advertisement includes a wood engraving of a female
sitter posed before a camera on a tripod, and a daguerreotypist
holding forth a daguerreian image.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(of Albany), would respectfully inform the
citizens of Po'keepsie and vicinity that he has taken
Rooms over the store of Jewett & Wood, 294 Main st.,
where he will remain for a short time to give those
who have been waiting for a first class artist an oppor-
tunity to secure a Beautiful and Perfect Likeness.
He is no beginner, but is one of the first in the art,
and is in the enjoyment of a reputation throughout the
State, and at the Capital, above competition.
   All are invited to call and see; and those who
intend to sit for likenesses will see the necessity of call-
ing immediately.                                82

                        A CARD

   Mr. R. ANSON would respectfully inform his friends
and acquaintances, that he has made arrangements to
stop with Mr. WALKER the Daguerrian artist, No. 294
Main st., where he will be happy to have them call
and see the perfect productions of the new art.

Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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