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Two items today...

On this day (November 5) in the year 1849, the following item
appeared in "The Daily Chronotype" (Vol. 8., No. 17):
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  One of our fashionable daguerreotypers was called upon a
few days since by a lady, to know if he could take daguerreotypes
by imagination.

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and in the November 1850 issue of "Holden's Dollar Magazine (page 696):

   Mr. Brady has published a lithograph portrait of Jenny Lind, executed
by D'Avignon, from a Daguerreotype taken by Mr. B. The lithograph
portraits of distinguished Americans, published by Brady and D'Avignon,
have secured for these gentlemen a most enviable reputation, which this
portrait of Jenny Lind will not injure, though it may not enhance.  We
regret that it does not give Jenny's happiest or best expression--perhaps
a copy of a Daguerreotype could not. It gives an idea of strength of
character, but the enthusiasm, the hearty sympathy, the soul which make
the really ordinary face of Jenny Lind a face of extraordinary beauty
when lit up from within, do not find their expression in this picture.

Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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