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On this day (October 31) in the Year 1849, the following advertisement appeared in "The Cambrian" (Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales):- - - - - - - - Mr J Freemen, (Proprietor of the Photographic Rooms, Bath) Announces to the Inhabitants of Swansea his intention of taking Daguerreotype Portraits, on the American principle, with his superb Apparatus, with all the latest improvements.  These portraits being taken on a scale unusually large, are quite different from those the Public has been accustomed to see, and are similar in size and style to those which excited so much admiration in the American department of the Great Exhibition.   Mr Freeman having just taken a professional tour through South Wales, has a numerous Collection of Views and Portraits, which he hopes the Inhabitants of Swansea will do him the favour of inspecting At No 5 Prospect Place, Burrows (Mr McAdams) where he is now provided with every requisite for taking these beautiful and faithful Portraits.  To those who prefer the addition of Colour, Mr Freeman is furnished with Mr Mansion's celebrated Preparations for that purpose.   As Mr Freeman's stay cannot exceed a fortnight, he trusts those who intend visiting him will do so without delay.* * * * * * *Ed Lowe sent me a note informing me of an article in the current issue of the on-line magazine, "Slate."   "Theater of War.  The real story behind Mathew Brady's     Civil War photographs."Slate is at:   http://www.slate.comThe URL for the article (although you may need Internet Explorer to use this direct link) is: for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     --------------------------------------------------------------10-31-97

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