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On this day (October 17) the following advertisements appeared in
their respective publications:
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In the October 18, 1850 "Daily Herald" (San Francisco):

F. COOMBS, Daguerean, at Well & Co.'s new
building, corner of Clay and Montgomery streets,
has the pleasure to announce that he has secured an
additional coloring Artist--a young lady who has presi-
ded over the finishing department of the first Gallery
in Boston several years.  He hopes in future to accom-
modate every applicant with a Picture which well bear
comparison with the choicest.  English, Spanish, Ger-
man and French spoken.  Morning from 9 to 11 best
time for children.  Apparatus, plates, cases, &c., bought
and sold.         018 1m

* * * * * *

And in the October 18, 1849 "Boston Daily Evening Transcript":

D A G U E R R E O T Y P E S .     MR LEROW re-
spectfully invites the attention  of his removal,
from 91 Washington street to 138 1/2, opposite School st.
where he has fitted up a suit of Rooms with a large and
elegant Sky Light, for the better accommodation of his
friends and all those in want of a superior Likeness,
which can only be obtained by a strong and sufficient
light.  Will open on the 22d of October, and be happy
to wait on all those who may favor him with a visit.
    isTh&S                                      oct 16

* * * * *
I'll also take opportunity to mention that the National Portrait Gallery
has mounted a "virtual tour" of "Mathew Brady's National Portrait Gallery"
featuring several daguerreotypes. I won't say more here as you'll want to
see this for yourself. The URL for the site is:

Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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