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On this day (October 10), the following three items appeared in these
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A news item the 1840 "Niles' National Register" (Baltimore;
Vol. IX, No. 6):

DAGUERREOTYPE MINIATURES.      We would advise such
of our friends as may be desirous of obtaining a "coun-
terfeit presentment" of themselves, at the smallest ex-
pense of time, trouble and money, to call upon Messrs.
Insley & Prosch, at 149 Broadway, the corner of Li-
berty street.  If they can keep their countenance for
the space of half a minute, they may be daguerrotyped
to perfection.  We believe that the Yankees are the
first who have applied the art to the uses which are the
most certain to remunerate those who practise it.--
Among the likenesses taken by those gentleman that
would be familiar to many of our citizens, we noticed
an excellent one of Mr. Attorney General Hall, and of
the rev. Mr. Kirk.                   [N. Y. Express.

* * * * * * *

An advertisement in the 1846 "Waterbury American" (Waterbury,
CT., Vol II, No. 44):

      Plumbe National Daguerrian Gallery
        Photographer's Furnishing
A W A R D E D  the Gold and Silver Medals, Four
First Premiums, and Two Highest Honors, at
the National, the Massachusetts, the New York,
and the Pennsylvania Exhibitions, respectively,
for the most splendid Colored Daguerreotypes
and best Apparatus ever exhibited.
   Portraits taken in exquisite style, without re-
gard to weather.
   Instructions given in the art.
   A large assortment of Apparatus and Stock
always on hand, at the lowest cash prices.
  New York, 251 Broadway; Philadelphia, 136
Chestnut St; Boston, 75 Court, and 58 Hano-
ver Sts.; Baltimore, 205 Baltimore St.; Wash-
ington, Pennsylvania Avenue; Petersburg, Va.,
Mechanics' Hall; Cincinnati. Fourth and Wal-
nut, and 176 Main St.; Saratoga Springs, Broad-
way; Paris, 127 Vieille Ru du Temple; Liver-
pool, 32 Church St.

* * * * * * *

An advertisement in the 1856 "San Francisco Daily Herald"
(Vol VII, No. 131):

        A   P L A I N   S T A T E M E N T.

T H E   P U B L I C   M U S T   N O T   S U P P O S E
that because we have not advertised lately, that
we have retired from the field.  We beg to inform them
that we still continue to take DAGUERREOTYPES
and AMBROTYPES in our unequalled style at our old
   We hereby say that we will GUARANTEE to take as
good, if not a better, DAGUERREOTYPE or AMBRO-
TYPE as can be taken in the world, or forfeit the price
of the Picture--and at about half the price of some other
establishments.  Try us.
       HAMILTON & McKOWN, 163 Clay street,
(Rabe's Building.) three doors above Montgomery st.,
                                            South side.

  ---> NOTICE.--H. & McK. will not resort to the dis-
honorable mode adopted by another establishment, in
advertising all other Pictures as bogus, but will simply
state that their AMBROTYPES are put up in the man-
ner adopted by the respectable patrons of the profession
in the Eastern cities, which is considered entirely dura-
able.                                           au302dptf

Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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