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On this day (September 21) in the year 1839, the following news item 
appeared in the "Niles' National Register" (Baltimore; Vol.VII):

   The Daguerrotype.  We have reason to believe that
the secret of M. Daguerre's wonderful invention or dis-
covery, by which he is enabled to transfer an exact
transcript of rural scenery, building, &c. to paper, and
fixt the colors permanently, will be known here on the
arrival of the British Queen.  In fact, we may say,
the secret is already known to one or more individuals
in this city, but they are restricted from promulgating
it, we understand, until the British Queen arrives.  For
disclosing the secret, M. Daguerre received from the
French government 6,000 francs; and M. Niepce, who
also made discoveries in the same direction, 4,000

--------(The full report [based on the London Globe] appearing the 
following week in Niles' National Register will be posted to DagNews on 
September 28.)
Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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