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On this day (September 16) in the year 1847, the following broadside was 
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                 O. C. JESTER,
                    AT THE
               CENTRAL BUILDING,
                WILMINGTON, DEL.
    Who wants a splendid likeness, done with art,
    To please the eye and captivate the heart?
    Who wants a present for a lady fair,
    With whom he fain life's joys and woes would share?
    Who wants her beauty brilliantly portray'd,
    In glowing tints and richest light, and shade?
    Who wants a picture for their friends to love,
    When they are far away or gone above?
    If there are such, Oh! Let the fly in haste,--
    Outten D. Jester is the man of taste;
    With colours caught from Heaven, your form and face
    He will portray with beauty and with grace;
    His pencils and his colours come from Heaven,
    His pictures all, are true to nature given:
    Daguerreotypes like his you seldom find,
    They almost show upon the face the mind;
    Brilliant and beautiful, with tints most rare,
    At a small price, he takes them with great care.
    He wants a few to take--call, with your "tin,"
    He'll take you off, but will not take you in;
    He'll take your likeness in a manner rare,
    And yet he'll not take one cent more than fair.

  A man of many years experience and practice
in picture-making, is engaged as an assistant.
By the late improvements in preparing Chemicals
and his very light and commodious rooms, O.D.J.
is able to make pictures in from ten seconds to
one minute.  Dark clothing always takes best.
  Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call and
examine specimens.
  O. D. Jester, will also go any where in this
city to take the pictures of infirm or old persons,
or Corpses, or Agricultural Implements, Machine-
ry, Models, Carriages, Animals &c. &c.
  Where a corpse is to be taken, I should have
information immediately after death.

     Our new Chemicals work like a charm--
     Step in and see us--we'll do you no harm.

  PRICES--$1.00, and upwards, according to
quality and sizes of cases.

  September 16, 1847

(from a broadside in the collection of Matthew R. Isenburg)
Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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