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On this day (September 3) in the year 1853, the following three
advertisements appeared in the "Illustrated News" (New York; Vol.II,
D A G U E R R E A N   E S T A B L I S H M E N T. --
BRADY'S new and extensive Daguerrean Establishment,
259 BROADWAY, over Thompson's Saloon, has been recently com-
pleted, and the public are invited to view the many improvements
combined in this magnificent gallery.  The proprietor has no hesita-
tions in claiming advantages possessed by no similar establishment
either in this country of in Europe.  The facilities for the production
of first class pictures are unrivaled.  An additional building has been
erected, by which the Reception Saloon, Ladies' Dressing Room, and 
Operating rooms are on the same floor; thus forming a new and
most desirable arrangement.
   This Gallery, in connection with the old Gallery, corner of Fulton
and Broadway, contain a matchless collection of Daguerreotypes of
American and European celebrities, unparalleled on this continent.  In
addition to various Medals received in New York for the best daguer-
reotype, a Medal was awarded at the World's Fair, in London, 1851.
                             BRADY'S DAGUERREAN GALLERY.
                                                205 and 359 Broadway


C R A Y O N   P I C T U R E S. ---- The exquisitely
desirable Crayon Daguerreotype is taken in full perfection, in
any weather, by ROOT, No. 363 Broadway.  By the way, We would 
caution Daguerreian Artists against taking these pictures in any other
establishment, since Root owns the patent for this region, and will be
sure to prosecute all infringements.


C O L O R E D   D A G U E R R E O T Y P E S . -- The 
Public are invited to GURNEY'S magnificent Daguerrean
Gallery, 349 Broadway, and examine his new style of Colored Da-
guerreotypes, a new feature in the art, which he recently pro-
duced.  Also a fine Daguerreotype FRANKLIN PIERCE, with a host
of other celebrities.


--- Now for a couple of 20th century notices of daguerreian concern:
(Please pardon me for the departure of my typical format, but I felt 
these were of sufficient interest to warrant notification; I don't 
intend to do this often.)

Don't miss the September issue of the "Magazine Antiques."  The cover
features a daguerreotype from the exhibition "Secrets of the Dark 
Chamber."  Inside are some great illustrations of daguerreotypes to 
accompany John Wood's article regarding the scenic daguerreotype (a 
preview of his soon-to-be-released book.)

Bill Becker has informed me that he has an article regarding the 
daguerreotype in the October issue of "The Maine Antique Digest." (I'm 
keeping my eyes peeled for when it hits the news stand!)


Grant Romer sent me the following notice:

       The Daguerreotype Process: An Interactive Seminar
       Saturday October 14, 1995 or Sunday October 15, 1995

Two one-day workshops, in the ongoing series of workshops on the 
practice and preservation of historic photographic processes.  This 
workshop deals specifically with the materials and processes involved in 
the making of a daguerreotype.
   Practicing daguerreotypist Ken Nelson will demonstrate the procedures 
used in the making of a daguerreotype and, weather permitting, will 
produce a daguerreotype image during the workshop.  He will also provide 
practical guidance to aspiring practitioners of this process as well as 
information on suppliers of materials needed.
   Grant Romer, Director of Conservation and Museum Studies, and a 
practicing daguerreotypist, will discuss the history and preservation of 
daguerreian images.
   There will be hands-on participation at this workshop, including 
polishing and fuming of the plate.
   -------$100 general public, $90 to Museum Members.-------
   For more information or to register, call (716) 271-3361 (ext. 218).  
Enrollment is limited to 15 people per workshop so register early to 
reserve a space on your preferred day!


Lastly, I wanted to pass along an inquiry sent to me from Carlos 
Vertanessian of Argentina:

   I wanted to let any Daguerrean collector/historian colleague 
interested on Vance's carrier, learn about a "discovery" I believe might 
be useful to them. Should this information be already known, just do not 
discourage me please as it is hard finding these leads down here!!
   A 1/2 plate magnificent Dag by W.G. Helsby with a terrific leather 
case with a front gold inscription reading:
which I recently laid hands on, had a binding tape of a very interesting
type: it was a printed paper strip from Vance's and Mason's, Valparaiso
studio/publishing company?
   I was able to clearly reconstruct the following text :
        Imprenta de Vance y Mason: Calle de LA ADUANA NUM. 113.
        Febrero de 1850."
   " Sec.1. Every white male citizen of the United States, and every 
white male citizen of Mexico, who shall have elected to become a citizen 
of the United States, under the treaty of peace exchanged and ratified 
At Queretaro, on the 30th day of May, 1848, of the age of twenty-one 
years, who shall have been a resident of the State six months next 
preceding the election, and the country or district in which he claims 
   The text continues on the other side of the strip and there is a 
title in bolt letters I believe it says "CONSTITUTION" , as it is cut in 
half horizontally.
   It is my understanding that Vance printed this CONSTITUTION (?) 
during his stay in Chile before leaving for good to the States later on 
1850. We know Helsby brothers bought Vance`s studio right next to theirs 
right after his departure, and apparently started making good use of his 
archi-rival's "leftovers" as  binding tape!! 
   Is this of interest to anybody? Is there something new about this 
information? Why was he editing this Constitution in Chile? Was his 
association to Mason clearly established like this before?

Response to Carlos' inquiry should be made directly to him at:
Posted for your enjoyment.       Gary W. Ewer      

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