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Before today's item, I'm happy to pass along this announcement:

  Our group has created a modest web site devoted to the history of 
photography in Argentina (thanks to the miserable 500k courtesy of my 

  Anyway, as far as I know it is the first site of this kind in the 
country and probably the only one in Spanish in the web.
  I invite you to visit it and I would appreciate any suggestion to 
promote it among the enthusiasts.
Best regards,
Miguel Angel Cuarterolo
* * * * * * * * * * * *

On this day (August 24) in the year 1842, the following advertisement 
appeared in the "Diario de la Tarde" (Buenos Aires, Argentina.) 
Announcing the opening of the first daguerreian gallery of Argentina, the 
ad is in both English and Spanish not only because the first photographer 
in this country was the American John Elliot, but also because the 
British community was very important here at that time.
- - - - - - - - -

J. ELLOIT respectfully informs the public
of Buenos Ayres, that he is now taking
Portraits, Groups, of copies of Paintings, &c., at
the above named place, in the best style, with
all the last improvements, from 10 till 4 o'clock,
every day, cloudy or fair.  Those who wish a
perfect resemblance of themselves, which will
last longer and be more durable than any pain-
ting have now the opportunity.
  These pictures are put up in the most hand,
some style, and can be sent to any part of the
world without injury.
   Plaza de la Victoria, altos nśmero 56.
EL Sr Elliot pone en conocimiento del res-
petable pśblico de esta ciudad que ha-
biendo vencido los obst‡culos que al principio le
estorbaban, se halla ya listo ‡ sacar retratos en
miniatura, ya sea de una sola persona — de va-
rias en grupo, sacar copias de cuadros de pintu-
ra &c. del modo mas perfecto y segun las ulti-
mas mejoras hechas en dicho arte.  Se hallar‡
en su casa todos los dias desde las 10 de la ma-
–ana hasta las 4 de la tarde.
  Las personas que gusten hacerse retratar
pueden estar seguras de lograr una semejanza
perfecta, y que ser‡ mas duradera que ninguna
  Los retratos se colocan en una cajita con su
vidrio correspondiente, de manera que se pue-
de remitir ‡ cualquier parte sin sufrir deterioro.

(with thanks to Miguel Cuarterolo for today's item!)
Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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