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On this day (August 15) in the year 1853, the following news item 
appeared in the "Salem Register" (Vol LIV, No. 65):

   From the Lewiston Farmer and Mechanic.
  INVENTIONS.  Mr. Editor: Having accidentally
come across the dates of the following inventions,
I did not know as I could make a better use of
them than to pass them over to you, to fill some
vacant corner in your paper.  They may be of
some convenience to your readers for reference.

Glass windows were first used in             1180
Chimneys in houses                           1236
Lead pipes for conveying water               1252
Tallow candles for lights                    1290
Spectacles invented by an Italian            1299
Paper first make from linen                  1302
Woolen cloth first made in England           1331
Art of painting in oil colors                1410
Printing invented                            1440
Watches made in Germany                      1477
Variation of compass first noticed           1540
Pins first used in England                   1543
Circulation of human blood first discovered
   by Harvey                                 1619
First newspaper published                    1630
First steam engine invented                  1649
First fire engine invented                   1663
First cotton planted in the United States    1769
Steam engine improved by Watts               1769
Steam cotton mill erected                    1783
Stereotype printing invented in Scotland     1785
Animal Magnetism discovered by Mesmer        1788
Sabbath School established in Yorkshire,
   England                                   1789
Elector Magnetic Telegraph invented by
   Morse in                                  1822
Daguerreotype process invented               1839
                                    S. TENNEY.

(Ed.:   Mr. Tenney gives an incorrect date of  the invention by using 
the date of the daguerreotype's announcement.  --G.E.)

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In the same issue, the following two advertisements appear:

WM. SNELL would give notice that he has new-
ly and pleasantly fitted up the Daguerreotype
Rooms formerly occupied by Mr. Bowdon,["Bowdoin"? -ed.]
208 Essex Street,
             (OPPOSITE THE MARKET.)
where he will be happy to receive visitors or custom-
ers who may be interested to see or obtain
executed true to Nature; and in a style as elegant
and perfect as can be had elsewhere.
  Family Groups of any number can be taken on large
size plates; and other pictures of any size or style u-
sually taken by this beautiful Art.
  Portraits or Daguerreotypes accurately copied.
  Salem, Feb. 19 1852

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

                179 ESSEX STREET.
           Entrance on Central Street.

The subscriber, for the last four years an assis-
tant to Mr. D. W. Bowdoin, respectfully noti-
fies his friends and the public that he has taken the a-
bove named spacious and convenient rooms for Da-
guerreotype purposes, and he invites the attention of
all who wish for beautiful and life-like pictures of
themselves or their friends.
  Having availed himself of all the latest improve-
ments in the art, and being favored with a light which
enables him to take likenesses in any weather, the sub-
scriber hopes to receive that share of encouragement
which it will be his earnest aim to merit by an assid-
uous attention to his business, and by his constant en-
deavors to give satisfaction.
  Likenesses taken at the residences of those who can-
not conveniently visit the rooms.
  Daguerreotypes and pictures copied at short notice.
  The public are invited to call and examine speci-
mens.                               G. W. FELTON. Jr.
  Salem, Sept 9, 1852

Posted for your enjoyment.       Gary W. Ewer      

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