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I was away on vaction for a few days, yet I thought that
the following post would still be appreaciated, albeit
a couple of days late.    ( - G. E.)
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On this day (August 15) in the year 1890, the Daguerre Memorial
was unveiled at Washington, D.C.

       AUGUST 15, 1890

All hail to the name of that Frenchman
   To whose fame we do honor to-day;
Who coaxed from the shy salts of silver
   Their secrets deep hidden away.

We have followed the path that he opened
   To realms then unpictured, unknown;
But our journey is only commencing --
   An ungathered harvest is sown.

We've a lens which takes in the horizon;
   We have connon-balls caught in mid-air;
We shall next take our pictures in colors.
   Long life to the Art of Daguerre!

(As quoted in Edward L. Wilson's "Photographic Mosaics," 1891) 

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A note from Gary W. Ewer:

Some of you may be unaware of the Photo History discussion
group on the Internet.  Topics encompass all aspects related
to the history of photography:  aesthetics and criticism,
historical processes and techniques, biography of photographers
and relevant individuals; announcements and reviews of relevant
publications , exhibition notices, and job announcements in the
   Participation in the electronic "list" is available to anyone
with an e-mail address.  If you would like further information
about subscribing to the list, send me a brief note with the
word "PHOTO-L" in either the "subject" field or in the body of
your note.  I'll then send you all the particulars about
subscribing, posting to the list, and the all-important

Posted for your enjoyment.       Gary W. Ewer      

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