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In the "Boston Daily Evening Transcript":


Delicate pencillings of imprisoned light!
Tracings imprinted with the finest care,
Revealing to the eye an image bright
Of that which seems to it most pure and fair.
  The softened graces of the lines that speak
  The gentle beauty of the rounded cheek;
  The faithful transcript of the thoughts that rise
  From the life's motion of deep-shaded eyes;
  A copy taken with a hand as slight
  As the smooth coloring of a floweret's light;--
  Yet true and real, as when the flowerets look
  Down the smooth margin to the crystal brook.
That this should be, and no trained flexile finger
Guide the soft lines where Beauty's grace is placed;
And the fair traits where mind and soul do linger
Shine pencilled not by genius or by taste:--
'Tis strange, indeed, that human art and skill
Can bind the sunbeam to perform their will!

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In the 1852 "New-York Daily Tribune" (Vol XII, No.3,527):


Why, this is life!  The passing thought
By the bright day beams has been caught;
And, fixed upon the shining plate,
You recognize its duplicate.
From pictured lips there comes no sigh,
No vision has the pictured eye;
And yet those eyes are full of fire!
Those lips seem parted to respire!
The artist and his slave, the sun,
From life have life's expression won;
Each feature seems to speak, though mute,
In the Daguerreotypes of ROOT.
              ROOT'S Gallery, No. 363 Broadway

Posted for your enjoyment.       Gary W. Ewer      

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