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On this day (August 5) the following items appeared in their respective 
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In the 1851 "Boston Daily Evening Transcript":

The Lowell Journal hears there is a full corps of daguerreotypists at 
the White Mountains, at this time, taking impressions of the magnificent 
scenery of that region.  A view of the mountains, seen from a favorable 
point in North Conway, recently sold for six hundred dollars.  The 
"Hillotype" would work admirably among the granite hills.

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In the 1852 "New-York Daily Tribune" (Vol.XII, No.3,525):

  The light of intelligence seems shin-
ing in the eyes of ROOT'S Daguerrean Likenesses.  This is
one of the most striking characteristics of his remarkable
pictures.  They are not mere transcripts of the physique,
but of the expression of the countenance.  They appear to
look at you.   ROOT'S Gallery is at No. 363 Broadway

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