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On this day (August 1) the following notices appeared in their 
respective issues of the "Boston Daily Evening Transcript":
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In the 1 August 1846 issue:

D A G U E R R E O T Y P E    M I N I A T U R E
GLE SECOND!  The subscriber respectfully informs
his friends and the public that, in consequence of the
great difficulty in preserving the same expression of
features in children for many consecutive seconds, he
has been induced to procure a powerful apparatus, by
which, with the aid of sensitive chemical prepara-
tion, he is enabled to produce a perfect Daguerreo-
type Likeness at a sitting of a SINGLE SECOND!
  Persons desirous of obtaining a perfect semblance of
themselves or children, are respectfully invited to call
at Rooms 96 Washington st, where no pains will be
spared to obtain results which may be both pleasing
and satisfactory.               ALBERT LITCH.
  aug 1              to       Late Litch & Whipple.

* * * * * * * * *

In the 1 August 1853 issue:

  PORTRAIT OF DR. SHARP.  Messrs. Southworth
& Hawes have just published a large size litho-
graphic portrait of the late Dr. Sharp.  The por-
trait is got up in a very tasteful style, and will
make an elegant engraving for a drawing-room or
library.  The expression of the face represents
the deceased in a meditative mood, the features
are very natural, and the numerous friends and
admirers of the venerable preacher will doubtless
gladly avail themselves of the opportunity of se-
curing an early impression of this fine engraved

Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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