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On this day (July 12) the following items appeared in their respective 
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In the 1848 "Daily Republican" (Springfield, Mass; Vol.5, No.163): 
  A Western Judge has decided that the presenting of a daguerreotype 
portrait to a lady is proof of marriage engagement. 
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In the 1852 "Boston Daily Evening Transcript": 
A. Whipple, with his usual enterprise, has already 
executed a fine large daguerreotype of the great 
fire on Saturday afternoon.  The view was taken 
from Sea street, looking directly upon Fort Hill, 
and presents the scene at the height of the con- 
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In the 1853 "Boston Daily Evening Trascript": 
  NEW DAGUERREOTYPE ROOMS.  It will be seen 
by reference to our advertising columns, that 
Messrs. Seaver & Butler have established them- 
selves at No. 140 Washington street, where they 
would be happy to see their friends and the pub- 
lic, and to serve them in the line of their art. 
(and later in the advertisements...) 
SEAVER & BUTLER. Having recently purchased 
these rooms, and neatly fitted and newly furnished them 
throughout, till they are surpassed in convenience and 
elegance by none in the city, are now prepared to take 
LIKENESSES with promptness, in the very best style of 
the art, and in every size and mode of finish.  The public 
are respectfully invited to give them a call.  Entire satis- 
faction guaranteed. 
  MR SEAVER having been employed as Operator at 
Ives's Establishment, for over a year past, would be 
pleased to see his numerous friends and acquaintances 
at his new place of business, where they will meet with 
entire satisfaction, as heretofore.     1s2w        jy12 
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If you haven't been by the Daguerreian Society's website lately, you may 
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