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On this day, July 9, in the year 1853,the following
notice appeared in the Norfolk Chronicle (England):

                   BY THE
    Daguerreotype & Photographic Process,
  Cherry Street, near the New Church, Laken-
  ham, Norwich

   Price, from Five Shillings and upwards,
THOSE at Seven Shillings and Sixpence, Half a
Guinea, Fifteen Shillings, & One Guinea, a e all
with handsome Morocco Cases, complete at those
   N.B.--Where whole Families are taken, reductions will
be made.

    Miniatures for Broaches at very low prices.
       Gold Broaches are also kept on Sale.

Mrs. Smith invites her Friends to visit at the Gal
lery, to view her Specimens of the beautiful delenia
tions of the human face divine. 

(Original structure and spelling maintained - G.E.) 

-------------------------------two more items of note---- 

If you have access to the World Wide Web with a graphical
web browser, you won't want to miss the Web page for the
National Museum of American Art's exhibition, "Secrets of
Dark Chamber."  Point your browser to:


Also, I have been asked by someone not wired (to the Net that is)
to post the following inquiry:

       Are there any subscribers to DagNews that are producing
    daguerreotypes?  If they are not on my mailing list, have
    them contact me for my occasional newsletter regarding modern
    daguerreotypy.  Thanks!
               Charlie Schreiner
               P.O. Box 711
               Saugatuck, MI  49453

Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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