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On this day (May 30) in the year 1840, the following item appeared in 
"Niles' National Register (Baltimore, Fifth series. No. 13. Vol. 8):
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  DAGUEROTYPE MINIATURES.  The Philadelphia Chronicle says: Mr. Robert 
Cornelius, of this city, is now engaged, most successfully in making 
miniature likenesses, by means of the process discovered by Mons. 
Daguerre.  Nothing could possibly be more true than these 
representations of the "human face divine," for they transfer to the 
plate the exact images of the sitters, "living as they rise."  The mode, 
too, is as simple as the results are accurate.  All you have to do is to 
place yourself in an easy, well-cushioned chair, assume the position in 
which you desire to be perpetuated and look steadfastly at a given 
object, for the matter of half a minute, and your features, expression, 
every thing connected with your countenance, are caught and stamped with 
a vigor and similitude that are unsurpassable.

(Original spelling maintained. -G.E.)
Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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