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On this day, (May 21) in the year 1851, the following two items appeared 
in the "Illustrated News" of New York:

     The Manchester police have just issued No. 1 of "The Illustrated 
Hue and Cry," containing daguerreotypes of men they are in search of.  
It is the first case of the daguerreotypic art being made subservient to 
the ends of justice.  The publication is to be continued.  What with the 
electric telegraphs, railroads, international treaties, and photographs, 
thieving will soon become a very unprofitable business.

In the advertisement section under "Daguerreotypes," the following 
notice appeared:

--This gallery originally established in Broadway by Mr. AUGUSTUS 
MORAND, in 1840, and for the last five years located at 132 Chatham 
street, has been removed to the new freestone buildings, No. 65 Chatham, 
opposite Chamber street, and next door to the Chatham Bank.
     No expense has been spared in rendering this one of the best 
establishments of the kind in the city: the elegance with which these 
rooms have bee fitted up insures to ladies and children comforts rarely 
met with at any other Gallery.

One more item, appearing in the May 21, 1859 issue of "The Vermont 
Phoenix," on the front page under "business cards":

A T  H O W E ' S  Picture Gallery
Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, Sphereotypes Photographs,  Pictures made at 
this establishment are mounted by the different patented methods and are 
warranted to stand the test of time and climate.         Battleboro, VT.

Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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