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On this day (May 10) the following items appeared in their respective
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In the 10 May 1851 issue of the "Daily Pacific News" (San Francisco):

           $50   R E W A R D.

THE above reward will be given to any person who will
deliver or give information of TWO TRUNKS, one a
light haired trunk, containing Daguerreotype cases, one
whole plate tube, marked Vaightland & Son, one pair of
silver spurs, bridle and stirrups, taken from the Plaza in
front of the Bella Union, early on Sunday morning.  The
other a black trunk, containing clothes and papers, ta-
ken from Montgomery street between Pacific and Broad-
way.  Both of the above trunks are without lock, and
fastened with ropes.  The one from the plaza must have
been removed early on Sunday morning.  The cartmen
who removed goods from the Plaza in front of the Bella
Union early Sunday morning, shall be liberally rewarded
by leaving information of the same at the Billiard Room
in the Louisiana House.      R. H. VANCE.         My10

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In the 10 May 1852 "Niagara Chronicle":

"MESSRS GRAVES & PRUDEN would respectfully announce to the
citizens of Niagara and vicinity, that they are now in Town
with their Mammoth Daguerrean Saloon which they have
furnished in the very best possible manner, for the sole
purpose of taking the best and most life-like pictures ever
taken by this process.  They are now ready to receive company
and extend a cordial welcome to all who are so disposed to
come and examine for themselves.

Come One, Come All!  Whether you want Pictures or not, you
will always find them in good humor and always at home.  All
Pictures warranted to give good satisfaction or NO PAY.
Improve the opportunity, as they will only remain here a 
short time." 

Original spelling maintained including "Vaightland" (Voigtlander"
is correct,) and "Pruden" ("Prudden" is correct.) 
Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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