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On this day (May 5) in the year 1851, the following advertisement 
appeared in the "Boston Daily Evening Transcript":

  SPLENDID DAGUERRIAN ROOMS.  We advise our readers to treat themselves 
to a visit to the magnificent daguerrian apartments of L. H. Hale, Esq, 
No 109 Washington street. Mr H. is not excelled by any other artist in 
the country, as the products of his skill, which adorn his beautiful 
gallery, will clearly show.  The faces represented upon Mr Hale's silver 
plates are those of many of our most distinguished citizens, political, 
philanthropic and theological.  We observe, also, the lovely countenances 
of several of the most beautiful daughters of the metropolis.
  The pictures are all very clear and correct, and by a peculiar process 
known only to Mr Hale are made lasting upon the plate.  The cases are 
elegant and substantial and the prices for "pictures" thus put up are as 
low as are charged at any other establishment in the city.  

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and in the May 1840 issue of "Burton's Gentleman's Magazine, and American 
Monthly Review" (Philadelphia; ed. Wlm. E. Burton & Edgar A. Poe; Vol. 
IV, No. V. page not numbered):

  IMPROVEMENTS IN THE DAGUERREOTYPE.--Mr. A. S. Wolcott, of New York, has 
nearly revolutionized the whole process of Daguerre and brought the 
photogenic art to high perfection.  The inventor, it is well known, could 
not succeed in taking likenesses from the life, and, in fact, but few 
objects were perfectly represented by him, unless positively white, and 
in broad sunlight. By means of a concave mirror, in place of the ordinary 
lens, Mr. W. has succeeded in taking miniatures from the living subject, 
with absolute exactness, and in a very short space of time.

Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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