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A day late, yes, but hey!...this news is free. :-)
On April 24, 1843, the following advertisement appeared in the
"New-York Daily Tribune:" (vol. III, No. 13 by Greeley and McElrath)


Patent Colored Photographs, Broadway, corner of Murray
Street, New York.--The sole privilege of taking patent colored
Daguerreotype Likenesses being confined to this establishment
it has been recently much improved and enlarged for the spe-
cial accommodation of ladies, and now embraces no fewer
than 20 different apartments.
	Plumb'es Patent Coloring Daguerreotype Apparatus, and
Plumbe's Patent Galvanic Gilding Apparatus, and Instruc-
tions and Patent Rights for each, forwarded to any part of the
	Photographers supplied at lower rates than at any other place
in the City.
	Galvanic Gilding and silvering done to order.
	Postpaid letters only attended to.                A171m*

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