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On this day (March 31) the following text appeared in the 1855 "Scientific
American." (Vol. X, No. 29; March 31, 1855; page 230) under the heading of
"List of Patent Claims issued from the United States Patent Office":
- - - - - - - - - -

   POLISHING DAGUERREOTYPE PLATES--David Shive, of Philadephia, Pa.: I do 
not claim effecting a gyratory motion of the pad for polishing the 
surfaces of daguerreotype plates, or other like surfaces, by means of 
machinery, as such has been so effected before for similar purposes.
   But I claim the shaft E, with its arms F, cranks G, the pieces C and 
D, or their equivalents, and the eccentric H, with its spur-wheel I, in 
combination with the united spur-wheels M and N, and the spur-wheel K, 
when constructed and arranged substantially and for the purposes as 

The patent drawing and text (from the Patent Office Report) are now 
available on the Daguerreian Society web site at: 
Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary W. Ewer     

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