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On this day (March 19, 1851) the following notice appeared in the
Illustrated News (New York):


     MAYOR GILPIN, of Philadelphia, has had daguerreotypes taken of
all the noted characters arrested within the past year or two, and he
has now quite a gallery of the celebrities. This is an excellent
police arrangement.  (Page 186)

     LOLA MONTEZ is performing in Cincinnati.  (Page 187)

        Of course we all know that by quiet reflection
        We strengthen the bonds of well grounded affection.
        Bear this in mind, lovers--and do not forget,
        That of all the reflections you've ever had yet,
        The surest reflection to forward you suit
        Is you own perfect image, reflected by ROOT.
      One of the largest Daguerreotype establishments in the world is
that of Mr. Root, at 363 Broadway, New York.  Mr. R. is the fortunate
holder of twelve first premiums including the Gold Medal of 1851.  His
rooms are open day and evening, and are very easy of access, being on
the first floor up-stairs.  Pictures taken in perfect style in any
weather, fair or stormy.  The perfection of its work is its best
recommendation.  In regard to the eye, the most difficult thing to
copy, he is entirely successful in preserving the true expression.
His magnificent crayons, for which he holds the patent, are the most
exquisite of the works of modern art.  Call at his free gallery and
see the multitude of portraits of celebrated men and women, and then
judge of his work.  Gallery, No. 363 Broadway, first floor, up stairs.
(Page 190)

Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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