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During this month of March in the year 1851, the following advertisement 
occupied the entire page of the inside front wrapper of "The American Whig 
Review" (New York):
- - - - - - - - - -

             M.  A.  &   S.   R O O T ' S
              D A G U E R R E O T Y P E

Awarded at the Great Fairs in Boston, New-York, and Philadelphia,
                   CAN BE SEEN AT
             M. A. & S. ROOT'S GALLERIES
363 Broadway, cor. Franklin st., N.Y., & 140 Chestnut st., Phila.

               ADMISSION FREE TO ALL.

  THE MESSRS. ROOT having yielded to the many urgent solicitations of their 
numerous friends to establish a branch of their


in this city, have been engaged for some time past in fitting up an

      E L E G A N T   S U I T E   O F   R O O M S
          363 BROADWAY, COR. FRANKLIN ST.,

where they shall be most happy to see all their numerous friends, as also 
strangers and citizens generally.  The acknowledged high character this 
celebrated establishment has acquired for its pictures, and the progressive 
improvements made in the art, we trust, will be fully sustained, as each 
department at this branch is conducted by some of the same experienced and 
skilful artists that have been connected with it from the commencement.
  The pictures taken at this establishment are pronounced by artists and 
scientific men unrivalled for depth of tone and softness of light and 
shade, while they display all the artistic arrangement of the highest 
effort of the Painter.
  Citizens and strangers visiting the Gallery can have their miniatures or 
portraits taken in this unique style, and neatly set in Morocco Cases, Gold 
Lockets or Breastpins, Rings, &c., in a few minutes.
  Heretofore an almost insurmountable obstacle has presented itself to the 
production of family likenesses, in regard to children.  The Messrs. Root 
are happy to state that through an entirely new discovery of theirs, this 
difficulty has been overcome, as the time of sitting will not exceed two or 
three seconds in fair, or ten to fifteen seconds in cloudy weather.
  N. B.--LADIES are recommended to dress in figured or dark materials, 
avoiding whites or light blues.  A shawl or scarf gives a pleasing effect 
to the picture.
  FOR GENTLEMEN.--A black or figured vest; also figured scarf or cravat, so 
that the bosom be not too much exposed.
  FOR CHILDREN.--Plaid, striped or figured dresses, lace work.  Ringlets 
add much to the beauty of the picture.
  The best hour for Children is from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M.  All others from 8 
A.M. to 6 P.M.

(The exterior of Root's New York gallery can be seen on page 43 of George 
Gilbert's "Photography: The Early Years" [New York: Harper & Row, 
Posted for your enjoyment.     Gary. W. Ewer     

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