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After some troubles with my internet provider and then being modem-less for
a week, I am glad to be on-line again in time to send these items from a
recently purchased California newspaper. I'll also mention that all of the
1996 DagNews messages are now available as a zip-file archive on the
Society's website at:
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On this day (January 16) in the year 1853, the following items appeared in
the "Daily Alta California" (San Francisco; Vol. IV, No. 16):
- - - - - - - - - - -

    F O R D ' S   D A G U E R R E A N   G A L L E R Y
  D on't you remember "The Old Folks at Home,"
  A nd the young ones--the wives and the fair ones so dear?
  G rey hairs, rosy cheeks, deep sighs and the tear,
  U nbidden that fell when you left far to roam?
  E ach kind word, that they spoke, and each uplifted prayer,
  R evoked, for thy safety and final success,
  R eprinted kisses! the hands gentle press!
  E ach long, loving look! the last words of the fair!
  O h! yes, you remember; then do not forget
  T o procure a memento, to please young and old,
  Y ou know they expect it from the land of gold.
  P er express or by post, neither seldom do fail,
  E xpress is the surest, but cheaper by mail.

  M ementos are numerous, from which to select,
  I ntrinsic their value, may dazzle the eye,
  N or do they lack richness, may've been drawn as a prize
  I n a raffle or lott'ry, and not a defect.
  A ll different opinions, we give them a place,
  T ho' in our opinion, and we think we are right,
  U ndoubtedly best is a DAGUERREOTYPE:
  R emember, FORD'S Gallery's by odds the best place,
  E ver there, ever ready, he invites you, come and see,
  S outh side of Clay street, 202 and 3.
  N.B.  Don't forget the place, 202 and 203 Clay street. En-
trance first door below the new Post Office.      de25-1m

- - - - - - - -
N O T I C E   T O  D A G U E R R E A N S -- To let in
Stockton--a room well adapted for a Daguerreotypist,
being in a fire proof building.
  For further particulars, inquire at
                      REDDINGTON & CO'S, Druggists
  ja16                        Sansome, cor Merchant st.

- - - - - - - -
under the heading Consignee notices:

Consignees of the following packages per barque
Black Squall, from New York, are hereby notified that unless
called for on or before Monday, the 17th inst, they will be sold
to pay freight and expenses.
(..three items not transcribed..)
  R. H. Vance, care Grogan & Lent, 5 casks merchan-
dise, shipped by Samuel Shadlow, and consigned to order.
                                           Ogden & Haynes
ja16-3                           Corner Front & Jackson sts.
- - - - - - - -
(any readers care to speculate about the contents? --G.E.)

I'll also note that the advertisement for "Steeb & Schmolz, Mathmatical and
Nautical Instrument Makers, 119 Montgomery Street" include "daguerreotypes"
as one of their items "constantly on hand."
  The issue also includes a lengthy advertisement by Vance, but I'm saving
that one for another time.
Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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