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On this day (January 11) in the year 1840, the following item appeared 
in the "Niles' National Register" (Vol.VII) under the heading 

   The Daguerreotype.  The New York Observer has been favored with the 
sight of a large number of pictures from a collection of the exquisitely 
beautiful results of this wonderful discovery, just arrived from Paris, 
several of them by Daguerre himself.  The collection is in the hands of 
M. Gourraud, a gentleman of taste, and who made himself acquainted with 
the mode of obtaining these results, under the immediate instruction of 
M. Daguerre.  M. Gourraud is on his way to the Havana for the purpose of 
transmitting to Paris photographic views of the scenery of that part of 
the world.
   Of the excellence and beauty of these pictures, the Observer says:
   Our readers may suppose that, after reading the highly wrought 
descriptions of the new art, which we have transferred to our paper from 
European prints we were prepared to form something like an adequate 
conception of its powers; but we can only say as the queen of Sheba said 
after examining the exhibition of the glory of Solomon, "the half was 
not told us."  We can find no language to express the charm of these 
pictures painted by no mortal hand.  We are not surprised to learn that 
France and all Europe are so enthusiastically interested in the 
wonderful discovery.
   We are told that the shop windows in Paris, in which the photographic 
pictures are exhibited, are so beset by the crowd that the streets are 
impassible in their vicinity.  M. Daguerre, we are also informed; is 
wholly occupied in answering the letters simply of the various 
sovereigns of Europe, who all seem anxious to understand the new art.
   We hope Mr. Gourraud will stay so long among us as to give us a few 
practical lectures; and also to furnish an opportunity for our citizens 
of taste to see this collection of nature's own paintings.

(All original errors of spelling/grammar have been retained. -G.E.)
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And also from this day in the year 1847, the following advertisement 
appeared in the "Boston Evening Transcript":

D A G U E R R E O T Y P E S   O F   T H E   D E S -
CEASED, often beautiful like quiet sleep: pleasant
Pictures from casts of the face, (something new;) also
Miniatures of children of any age taken instantly; by
SOUTHWORTH & HAWES, 5 1/2  Tremont Row.

Posted for your enjoyment.      Gary W. Ewer       

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