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On this day (January 1) in the year 1853, the following advertisements 
appeared in the "Illustrated News" (New York; Vol. I, No. 1):

H. R. M A R K S'   P R E M I U M   D A G U E R R E A N
GALLERY, No. 159 Baltimore-street, having twice
been awarded the HIGHEST PREMIUM by the Maryland Institute, for the
eminent superiority of his Pictures, Mr. Marks can confidently assure
all who want an accurate Likeness, combining every requisite of a
finished work of art, that they can get it at his Gallery.
   Mr. M. has also the satisfaction of announcing that he has recently
added to his collection a complete DAGUERREAN VIEW OF THE
CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO, taken by himself, and likeness of
who were picked up in distress off the coast of Japan, and brought
into San Francisco, whence they were sent home on board an Ameri-
can sloop-of-war.
   Likenesses taken in any weather.  Satisfaction guarantied in all

G U R N E Y'S   N E W   A N D   M A G N I F I C E N T
DAGUERREAN GALLERY, 349 Broadway, Mr. Gurney's
Pictures received the highest premium, a Gold Medal, at the late Fair
of the American Institute.  The report of the Premium Committee on
his pictures read thus:--"They are the best Daguerreotypes that have
ever been exhibited, and show by their distinct outline, clearness of 
light and shodow, rotundity and relief, the perfect state to which the
Daguerrean Art has arrived in this countrty."
   The largest collection of Portraits of Distinguished Personages in 
this country, can be seen at this Gallery, together with over Three
Hundred Daguerreotype Views, on large size plates, of California,
consisting of all the principal Cities, Towns, Bays, Rivers, Shipping,
Gold Regions, &c.&c.  Admittance free.
R O O T'S   P R E M I U M   D A G U E R R E O T Y P E
and Silver Medals.
   Pictures equally as well taken in cloudy weather.
                    "Music hath charms,"
A N D   M A D A M E   S O N T A G   is all that is
cheering in Music; but there is nothing which can soothe the
rugged paths of affliction more exquisitely than the extraordinarily
fine Daguerreotypes taken by RICHMOND J. HAWKINS, a 308
Broadway, New York.

Posted for your enjoyment.        Gary W. Ewer        

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