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A Bibliography of the Daguerreotype

The following bibliography of the daguerreotype is a compilation of John Wood's "A SURVEY OF DAGUERREIAN LITERATURE" from The Daguerreian Annual 1991, John Wood's addendum to the survey from The Daguerreian Annual 1994, and additional titles catalogued by Gary W. Ewer. Last revised 05-25-1997.
   For your convenience, the bibliography is presented here as separate HTML documents under the following headers:

Introduction: A Survey of Daguerreian Literature

I. General Studies

II. The American Daguerreotype

III. The French Daguerreotype

IV. The German and Austrian Daguerreotype

V. The Daguerreotype in Other Countries

VI. The Contemporary Daguerreotype

VII. Collections of Images and assorted Topics

VIII. Daguerreian Case Art


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