The Daguerreian Society
The Society's Quarterly is published four times a year and features over twenty-four pages of previously unpublished daguerreotypes, articles of interest, late breaking news, and reviews of recent publications. Classified and display advertisements are available, as well as free research inquiries for Society members.

The Daguerreian Society Newsletter has been retitled the The Daguerreian Society Quarterly to more accurately reflect its publication frequency as well as its quality of content.

Research Queries:
If you have a research query we would be happy to publish it in our next Quarterly (there is no charge). Research Queries can be sent or emailed to our offices. A paragraph or two is fine and, if you wish, an illustration can be included. Hard copy or .jpgs are acceptable. We would hope that one of our nearly 1,000 members worldwide may be able to provide you with images or information to assist in your research.

Advertising in The Daguerreian Society Quarterly:
Assuming you're giving us camera ready or the file on disk:
  • full page, two color/duotone: $560
  • full page, one color: $260
  • 1/2 page: $145
  • 1/4 page: $90
  • 1/8 page: $50
  • Daguerreian Marketplace: $25 for a one-line listing in three issues
Reduced rates are available for repeated runs -- for details see below.

No prepayment is required. It is easier to just send you an invoice after the ad has run. If needed, we do offer art dept. and layout services at reasonable rates. Just send us any prints (B&W or color, print or transparency) and the text and we'll scan them and lay it out, sending you a proof for approval.

Maximum actual image area that you can use (this allows our standard margins) is:

  • Full-page, 9 5/8" high x 7 1/4" wide
  • Half-page, 4 3/4" high x 7 1/4" wide
  • Quarter-page, 4 3/4" high x 3 1/2" wide
  • Eighth-page, 2 3/8" high x 3 1/2" wide
For full details of terms, rates and layout requirements for advertising in the Quarterly (and the Annual), see our Advertising Rate Sheet.
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